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  1. Test title

    My first post over API

  2. IFDA Special Need Peer Interaction Class

    There are currently 76,000 citizens with more severe forms of autism in the state of California, representing a 28-fold increase since 1987, according to a new report released today by the Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. New Report: Adult Autism to Triple in California in Next Ten Years

    Every year, nearly 5,000 new autism cases enter the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) system. 1.2% of all male births in California in 2008 were…

  4. India Fusion Dance Academy Navratri Hungama

    The Jeena Teens and Young Adults are excited to work and partner with the non-profit, Inclusive Volunteering.Volunteers (IV). Inclusive Volunteering provides opportunities to volunteer, even to those who lack access to volunteering through the traditional channels. Our typical peers often take this access for granted, available to them if they choose to volunteer. Being differently-abled puts a whole new light on this access. We have varying degrees of (dis)abilities on multiple fronts, be they physical, mental, emotional and social challenges, which make this a greater challenge for us. Many of us desire to volunteer yet find volunteering in the traditional sense out of our reach.

  5. Cerebral Palsy

    8 weeks session facilitated by parent and supported by volunteers.Start date: Jan 29th
    Time: 11 am
    Participants – Up to Six teens from Jeena

  6. Interactions with Planet X

    Relationship Development Intervention
    Relationship development intervention (RDI) is an intervention therapy that addresses the core deficits of autism – dynamic thinking and social communication.

  7. The Tomatis Method

    How does the sense of body in space impact your child’s sleep? What can you do to help your child sleep?

  8. Felden Krais

    December 10th 3pm – 8pm

  9. Magnetic Therapy (Magnetic Molecular Energizing Method)

    Saturday November 26th6pm – 10pm

  10. Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development

    Your sensitive child may experience the world differently. A few things you can do to minimize conflict and misunderstanding.