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  1. CranioSacral Therapy

    CUPERTINO, CA- The Diwali Festival Planning Committee recognized Jeena, Inc today, as this years’ Diwali Community Beneficiary. As a beneficiary, Jeena will receive a portion of the sales made at the Diwali Festival, up to a $2,000 donation to go to the organization and help with their mission.

  2. Being a part of Jeena

    A mother’s perspective on socialization.

  3. RDI Training At Jeena

    Q4 dance classes start on Wednesday, Sept 7th This is a performance session for the MKDC Showcase which will be on Saturday Nov 5th.

  4. Animal Trivia By Jeena Tween Vishnu Raghavan

    An overview of The Tomatis Method written by Occupational Therapist Valerie DeJean.

  5. Parent Child Interaction Therapy: An Innovative Parent Training Program for Families

    This article explains how to make visual schedules at home, using the materials that are around you every day.

  6. City Parks and Recreation Department (Therapeutic Services)

    Most individuals with autism think in pictures. They use the visual centers of their brains to think and process information. This visual way of thinking supports language and communication, but seems to never replace it fully.

  7. Socialization not always desired

    Visual schedules are a core strategy used with people with autism. They help them make sense out of a confusing world. A visual schedule tells them what is happening, what will happen, and allows them to create purposeful activity. A schedule must be visual because people with autism do not think primarily in words.

  8. Sensory Modulation Dysfunction

    Navratri HungamaSaturday October 15th 2011
    Time 7:00 to Midnight
    East Valley YMCA Gym
    1975 S White Road, San Jose, CA

    For details contact Selvi Pragasam at 408-238-4034 or Lavanya Gopal at 408-270-3998

    Proceeds benefit Jeena and IFDA Special Needs Peer Interaction Program

  9. Climbing the symbolic ladder in the DIR model through floor time/interactive play

    IHSS, or In-Home Supportive Services, is an alternative to out-of-home care such as a nursing home or group home. It covers the following types of services: Personal care (bathing, grooming, feeding, bladder/bowel etc.), light housework (cleaning, meal preparation, laundry etc.) and for individuals with mental impairment, also covers protective supervision.
    Click the read more link to find more information about IHSS….

  10. Does your child experience the world like you do?

    Some great websites for parents and teachers regarding information on specific topics and/or general information regarding Speech and Language development.