Time: 09:00:00
Location: Jeena -1333 Piedmont Road, #108, San Jose, CA
City: BayArea
Price for an adult: $No price set
Price for a child: $No price set
Is food available?: $Yes
Tickets sold: 6

Adults Attending : 0
Children Attending : 0

The class will teach martial art basics such as focus through meditation, martial arts technique through forms. The participants will learn a specific routine, like gymnastics or figure skating with self-defense moves.

Benefits: Coordinated, structured routine, allows for discipline, focus, and stability.

Skills: focus, following external cues, concentration, routine, respect Fee $18 for 6-sessions to cover the costs of the uniform and perhaps some equipment

About the instructor: Neya is a 11th grader and a second degree black belt in taekwondo.

Parents are expected to remain on the premises. If interested in participation in the class, each parent must register separately.